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                                                     About us

It all started with a search for a family puppy. With challenges and obstacles to finding a Havanese puppy in the USA and quickly sparked a passion to connect loving families with the best Havanese breeders in the country. We are passionate about responsible breeding and believe that environment and experiences play a vital roll in forming a dog’s personality which is why we thoroughly and meticulously vet and approve our breeders. It is essential that all dogs are part of the family from day one; ensuring a thriving addition to their forever family. When our puppies meet their new families, they are well socialized and playful, happy and healthy, and ready for a long life with their forever families. Our puppies are vaccinated, health checked, pampered, socialized and loved. It brings us so much joy to share the unconditional love and happiness that a puppy can bring into a family.

                                                      OUR PUPPIES

Our puppies are raised by us (myself, wife and kids), The dogs have free access to the outdoors, and the indoor area is climate-controlled with heated floors in the winter. They enjoy daily socialization and playtime with each other in a large doggie play area. The grass and hills outside provide plenty of space for them to romp and roll.

Our puppies are born in our quiet whelping area with heated floors to keep the puppies just right, and monitors help to keep an eye on the newborns 24-7. After the puppies are old enough to be weaned, they are moved to the puppy nursery, where they are started on basic crate training. They have daily playtime with other puppies and a variety of toys.

The on-call, trusted veterinarian who is still part of my family visits every Monday and ensures each of the dogs and puppies are being kept in good health. Jame's Family Havanese Puppies home is a state licensed and has receive numerous unannounced visits by the USDA staff and other organizations, who ensure our puppies and dogs are being given the proper care and devotion they deserve.

                                                                                                    Our Team

  • Jame's/Alisa (husband/wife)

    If you reach out to Jame's Family Havanese puppies home, you will most likely get a response from Jame's. You will feel like you’re talking to an old friend and immediately sense his passion and affection for the pups as well as his delight in helping you find your perfect puppy! Jame's is the owner of the puppies with his wife Alisa and 2 kids. they are well trained breeders with over 10 years experience. you will be very happy hearing from them.

  • Sydney

    Once your puppy is reserved, you will likely hear from sweet Sydney! She will take care of you and make sure all your questions are answered as you prepare for your pup to be in your arms! Sydney is all warmth and hospitality with competence and attentiveness; we guarantee you have the best experience working with her

  • Sydney is our puppy extraordinaire and oversees all operations related to the care, socialization, and health of our puppies. Whether it is handling all the paperwork for the puppies, scheduling vet visits, or giving the puppies extra kisses and cuddles,Sydney ensures that her team is meeting any and every need of each puppy.

  • Alex Hunter

    Can you even see all of the beautiful pictures of our puppies?? All of the photos you see on our website are taken by our wonderful photographer, Alex. He knows just how to bring out the puppies’ personalities through his amazing photos!

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